Family Activities

You and your loved ones have quite a few options when it comes to family activities in San Antonio, but unfortunately, most of them are accompanied by annoying drawbacks. Restaurants are always too crowded and too expensive, movie theaters are never showing anything interesting, and activities like the zoo and the River Walk become pretty stale after the gazillionth time.

Instead, why not try a family activity in San Antonio that’s fresh, fun, and mesmerizing for parents and kids alike? At The Magicians Agency Theatre, we specialize in creating mind-blowing magic shows that are sure to leave your entire family enthused and enthralled. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure to engage the whole family and create magical memories, continue reading to learn more about what we offer!

Food & Drinks

What’s better than a live magic show filled with jaw-dropping illusions, spellbinding mysticism, and world-class magicians? How about a magic show with all of that, plus free popcorn? That’s right — our magic shows in San Antonio come with free popcorn, and the only trick involved is how so much buttery goodness can come from such a small kernel.

We have sodas available to purchase for our younger wizards and beer and wine for the adults. However, we’re confident that after witnessing our magicians’ arcane arts up close and personal, you’ll be thirsting for more! Check out our upcoming shows to book your next thrilling family activity!

Magical Scavenger Hunts

At The Magicians Agency Theatre in San Antonio, the magic of the evening starts before the show even begins. You and your family can arrive one hour prior to select headliner shows in order to experience our “Crack the Code Challenge.” This family activity is an enchanting and mystifying scavenger hunt that will lead you all around our historic building. Tickets run out quickly, so make sure you book now to participate!

Fun for All Ages

One of the best things about our magic shows is that they’re suitable for all members of your family! While we do ask that attending children be at least four years old, you can rest assured that your young ones will enjoy a magical performance that is 100% family-friendly — nothing scary or inappropriate here. Moreover, our headliner shows are approximately an hour long, so your children’s bedtime schedule won’t be disrupted. This means there’s no reason not to enjoy one of San Antonio’s best family activities!

A Night To Remember

Our one-of-a-kind magic shows are perfect for family outings whenever you feel like getting out of the house, but they’re also ideal for special occasions. For instance, if you have an upcoming birthday to celebrate, we offer affordable party packages for up to 100 guests! Our professional magicians will sweep your audience off their feet, and we can even supply magical goodie bags for party-goers at the end. Your guests will wonder how we pulled off our tricks, and how you pulled off such a spectacular birthday party.

Alternatively, if your special occasion is a bit more intimate, The Magicians Agency Theatre is also the perfect venue for a dazzling date night. Whether you’re looking to impress on a first date or rekindle the magic of a long-time relationship, our magicians know how to put on a show that is truly captivating and memorable.

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Now you see them, now you don’t — tickets to our live magic shows are constantly selling out, and we don’t want you to miss out on one of San Antonio’s most exciting family activities! To make sure you have a seat at our next performance, book your tickets now or contact us with any questions!

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