History of Magic in San Antonio

History of Magic in San Antonio

Magic enriches our lives and has played a historical role in San Antonio and the greater state of Texas. This entertaining art form has a lot to behold, from impossible card miracles under your nose to pictures coming to life right before your eyes. The Magicians Agency is here to review the significant moments of magic history for San Antonio and how they’ve impacted show business and beyond. For some great modern magic, check out our latest events today!

View from the magician's stage

The Texas Association of Magicians

The annual TAOM convention has been held in various major cities across the state every Labor Day weekend for over 50 years. Now, over 1,500 people attend each year. Herman Yerger, an Austin magician and druggist, not only founded the annual Labor Day weekend picnics in Austin that led to the organization of TAOM, but he was also a tight-wire walker. A fall during one of his performances left him paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for life; however, this didn’t stop him from continuing his passion for magic by performing with Emilie at carnivals and vaudeville houses around town.

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Magic Meetings

Yerger had the idea for a Labor Day picnic in 1944, which was first held on property he owned near Austin. Monthly meetings among magicians would take place in San Antonio and Austin. He erected a clubhouse, an open-air stage, and a barbecue pit. Yerger then made a list of magic friends and sent out invitations, beginning the roots of magic in San Antonio.

Two magicians by each other onstage.

The Second Picnic and Beyond

A second picnic was held in 1945 with 169 attendees. Again, the idea to formalize annual picnics into a state magician’s organization was brought up, and Yerger, who was initially against the idea, warmed up to it after he realized that he could be the first president.

A magic convention

The First Convention

The first TAOM newsletter reports that the Texas Association of Magicians came into existence on September 1, 1946, at Yerger’s lodge in Austin, Texas. 1947 saw the first convention advertised solely under the Texas Association of Magicians name.

The history of magic in San Antonio is a long and storied one. From the first picnic to the present-day sold-out weekend shows, magicians have been entertaining and amazing people of all ages. So if you’re looking for something fun this weekend, why not check out one of our events? The Magicians Agency guarantees that you’ll be entertained!

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